SUEZ NWS pursues its development in Macao

On 21 August, SUEZ NWS Limited ("SUEZ NWS") held the ground-breaking ceremony for the water treatment plant in Seac Pai Van. It is the fourth water facility invested, designed, constructed, and operated by SUEZ NWS in Macao. This marks a new milestone in the region’s water supply industry.

Consisting of a peninsula and two islands, Macao is one of the world’s most densely populated regions with a population of 650,000. In addition to an ever-growing population, it also receives over 30 million tourists each year, adding strain to its limited freshwater resources and the water scarcity problem. While water consumption is forecast to grow by 2 to 4 percent annually in the next three years, it will continue to surge with the completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and increasingly more large-scale public and recreational facilities.

The Macao Water Supply Company Limited (“Macao Water"), a subsidiary of SUEZ NWS, will invest approximately MOP 1 billion (RMB 850 million) in the new Seac Pai Van water treatment plant. Construction works are expected to be completed by the end of 2019. With a water supply capacity of 130,000 cubic metres per day, the facility will increase Macao’s overall capacity from the current 390,000 cubic metres to 520,000 cubic metres to meet the region’s water demand in the next decade.

The energy-efficient water treatment plant will adopt a green plant construction concept that will allow the facility to fully integrate into the Seac Pai Van Reservoir landscape. Operated and managed by Macao Water, the plant will incorporate its shareholder SUEZ’s patented Pulsatube®, Pulsazur® and Aquazur-V filtration water treatment technologies to effectively eliminate organic matters, micro-pollutants and odour.

Macao Water is SUEZ NWS’s pioneering PPP project in Asia, and the sole operator in Macao providing quality drinking water treatment, network distribution and customerservicesto residents. It was granted the first 25-year concession agreement in 1985 and received another 20-year contract for its outstanding water supply services – the first ever PPP in Asia’s water industry to be awarded an extension. At present, Macao Water runs three water plants across Macao, delivering water servicesthatsurpassthe standards set out by the World Health Organization (WHO). SUEZ’s patented AQUADVANCED® smart water network performance monitoring system, has also been introduced to help monitor water supply flow, hydraulic pressure, water quality and energy consumption, predict operational risks, as well as improve the water supply system by automatically integrating and analysing raw data. Not only does it help enhance water supply efficiency, but it also facilitates the implementation of the Macao Government’s 15-year water conservation plan.

Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, said: "SUEZ’s business in Macao covers the sectors of drinking water and waste collection. Our cooperation with the government in Macao is a great success in Asia for the benefit of all users. Macao Water is also a benchmark in the water industry in China. Building on the mutual trust and cooperation between the Macao government and SUEZ NWS, we will continue to provide Macao residents with excellent services.” SUEZ NWS held the ground-breaking ceremony for the water treatment plant in Seac Pai Van.

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