SUEZ NWS sponsors 2017 Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment

The 2017 Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment will be inaugurated on September 15. SUEZ NWS, as a leading player of environment and resource management, will again play an active role in the event, and sponsor a forum with the theme of "Water in the City" to be held at Tsinghua University. Brice Lalonde, the President of the French Water Academy and former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, will be invited to deliver a keynote speech at the forum. It is the second time that SUEZ NWS sponsor Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment since 2016.

The Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment is the only multi-disciplinary festival dedicated to the environment hosted by an embassy in China. Created in 2014, the annual campaign aims to raise the environmental awareness of government departments, schools and scientific research institutions, as well as university students and the general public by sharing its expertise and innovative technologies in the field of environmental protection, while boosting cooperation between the two countries. Since last year, this interdisciplinary campaign has combined the forms of art, films and television, and literature to attract more people and enhance their environmental awareness. A variety of events, such as exhibitions, film screening, concerts, art workshops, lectures, and debates, have been organized across more than 20 Chinese cities. Additionally, the initiative has won support from influential celebrities who have great enthusiasm for environmental protection, including Chinese actress Tao Hong and environmentalist Ma Jun.

As a leader in the field of environment, SUEZ NWS operates more than 60 environmental projects in Greater China, and cooperates with multiple organizations and institutes in China, making prominent contributions to the country’s environmental protection. Since the launch of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment, SUEZ NWS has paid close attention and taken advantage of its resources to do its part, aiming to help reinforce the cooperation between China and France in terms of environment. In 2016, the company provided sponsorship to a lecture given by the French scientist Romain Troublé, who is the Managing Director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation. In the lecture, Romain Troublé told the public about extreme weather expeditions to understand the impact of climate changes and ecological crises on oceans. This year, the 4th Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment is focused on urbanization. SUEZ NWS will again make a sponsorship to the forum given by Brice Lalonde - the President of the French Water Academy and former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, who will have exchanges with the peers and students from Tsinghua University about the subject of “Water in the City”.

"The Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment builds a broad platform for the exchanges between China and France about culture and environmental technologies, and we are very delighted to be part of it and make a contribution," said Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia. "The festival's increasing influence indicates that countries around the world are banding together for the environment regardless of national boundaries. Meanwhile, the growing attention to water resources brings both opportunities and challenges to us. We will continue to promote the cooperation in environment between the two countries, with the aim of boosting both urbanization and sustainable development in China."

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