SUEZ NWS strengthens its presence in Changshu with new contract to enhance wastewater treatment system

Jiangsu Sino French Water Company Limited1, a subsidiary of SUEZ NWS, was awarded a 30-year concession contract for the wastewater plant and sewer network in Chengdong, Changshu. The Design and Build contract of the plant is valued at RMB 725 million. It is an addition to the partnership between SUEZ NWS and the local authority which now covers water supply, municipal wastewater, industrial water treatment and waste management. It will further boost the adoption of an integrated water supply and drainage solution across Changshu. 

To increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment and improve environmental governance in Changshu, the local government is consolidating the treatment capacities of local wastewater treatment plants as well as building a new wastewater plant. Jiangsu Sino French Water Company Limited will be responsible for the investment, design, construction and O&M of the plant, as well as the O&M of the sewage network and pump stations that are in place and under construction. Upon completion, the plant will have a total capacity of 120,000 m3/day of which Phase I will commence this year and become operational by 2021 with a capacity of 60,000 m3/day; while Phase II with a capacity of 60,000 m3/day will be put into production in 2023.


Lu Jijun, Vice Mayor of Changshu, said, “Changshu’s partnership with SUEZ NWS in water development has generated significant social and economic impact. In addition to the water supply and wastewater treatment activities, we have further expanded our partnership in waste management. I believe that with a shared commitment to the environment, we will be able to speed up the adoption of an integrated water supply and drainage solution in Changshu, which will provide strong support for a livable city and economic growth.”


“Each partnership with Changshu has been an encouragement to SUEZ NWS. Not only are they a testimony to our strategic vision and strong sense of social responsibility, they have also deepened our mutual understanding and made us inseparable partners”, said Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, “I am deeply convinced that SUEZ NWS’ best-in-class know-hows and managerial expertise in the environment will help Changshu move towards an integrated water supply and drainage solution and make the city a role model for environmental protection and green development!”


SUEZ NWS’ partnership with Changshu started in 2006 through the provision of a full range of water supply, municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment for more than 2 million residents and industrial and commercial customers in Changshu. In August 2018, it expanded the partnership to waste management with the latest contract on the recycling and disposing of scraps, construction and demolition waste and industrial waste as well as transportation and landfill disposal of domestic waste in Changshu. Its current water production capacity is 875,000 m3/day, wastewater treatment capacity stands at 140,000 m3/day and waste treatment capacity will reach 2,000 tons/day. Jiangsu Sino French Water Company Limited’s total investment in Changshu has reached approximately RMB 1.5 billion.

1 Jiangsu Sino French Water Company Limited is a joint-venture formed between Changshu Urban Construction Public Assets Management Company Limited (40.8%), Changshu Jiangnan Water Company Limited (24.2%) and SUEZ NWS (35%)

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