SUEZ to set up the first smart stormwater management system for sponge city in Chongqing (China)

SUEZ was awarded the Yuelai sponge city monitoring and information platform project in Chongqing (China) to deploy AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage, the SUEZ digital stormwater management solution to prevent urban flooding.

SUEZ proprietary AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage system will be installed in Yuelai New City, a new development project undertaken by Chongqing Yuelai Investment Group at the heart of Liangjiang New Area. The development covers a total area of 18.67 square kilometres and consists of a conference and exposition city, an eco-city and a smart city. The SUEZ smart system will be used to monitor, analyse and predict the performance of the stormwater drainage system, its impact in the natural ecosystem and in the stormwater reuse scheme in the area. This system represents an investment of RMB 28 million. Phase I of the installation is expected to be completed and commissioned by April 2017 with a potential rollout to other areas of Liangjiang New Area.

Wang Fuqing, Chairman of Chongqing Yuelai Investment Group, said, “SUEZ’s smart water management centre in Bordeaux is a global benchmark for smart water management. Its smart stormwater management system is of great learning value to us.”

SUEZ proprietary AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage solution enables water utilities and watershed administrations the real time monitoring of their  sewage and stormwater networks to mitigate the risk of both flooding and quality degradation receiving bodies. The solution has been successfully deployed in 20 cities and regions worldwide, including Bordeaux, the greater Paris area, Marseille, Barcelona and Singapore.

Chongqing is the first  municipality among the 30 pilot sites of Sponge City in China. Yuelai New City in Liangjiang New Area, which hosts Asia’s second largest conference and exposition facility, is the first Sponge City demonstration site in Chongqing.

The project not only bears significance to the success of Chongqing Sponge City pilot, but will also be the first smart stormwater management system to be completed for the 30 Sponge City pilot experiences in China. It will also become SUEZ flagship project in China and Asia, and will help to firm up the Group’s strategic position and market leadership on Sponge City solutions.

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