Hong Kong Pillar Point wastewater treatment plant

In 2010, to meet the demand for wastewater treatment along with the rapid growth of the population in the north-west of Hong Kong, the joint venture among SUEZ, ATAL and CSC, commissioned by the Drainage Services Department of the HKSAR government, took responsibility of upgrading, expanding and operating the Pillar Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The mission

International metropolis troubled by wastewater discharge

Hong Kong is populated by 7.3 million residents, who produce a large amount of domestic sewage every day. To meet the demand of the ever-increasing urban population, it is required to extend the wastewater treatment facilities, and meanwhile, to develop the compact technical solution that overcomes the limitation of land resources in Hong Kong. As such, the project was to, given with limited land coverage, upgrade the current WWTP solely capable of simple pretreatment to one with chemical enhanced pretreatment and disinfection technology. The average daily treatment scale was to raise from 215,000 m³/day to 241,000 m³/day, peak traffic reaching 550,000 m³/day.
Our solution

WWTP applied SUEZ DensaDeg® and UV disinfection system

SUEZ used its advanced DensaDeg® for chemical enhanced pretreatment and the UV disinfection system to improve the treatment effect of Pillar Point WWTP, raising the treatment capacity to 550,000 m3/day.
The result
The extended Pillar Point WWTP boasts a daily treatment capacity of 241,000m³, treated water quality featuring 70% of the suspended solids removal rate, 55% of the BOD removal rate, and 99.9% of E. coli removal rate; it contributes to lower the water pollution load in the northwest of Hong Kong, meet the wastewater treatment demand of the increasing population in Tuen Mun, and guard the beauty and cleanliness of Hong Kong's coastline and the ecological environment of the surrounding water area.


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