PUB and SUEZ collaborate and innovate for Singapore’s water future

SUEZ and PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, have been working closely since 2015 in research and development (R&D) pilot and full-scale projects for the management, conservation and digitalization of water for the country. Strong commitment in collaborative innovation for tackling water challenges and driving the advancement of water sustainability and resilience has been the common goal for developing the global water industry. As a co-creator to novel water technologies and solutions, SUEZ is a Founding Sponsor of the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and is represented on the SIWW Water Convention Program Committee.
The mission
As Singapore grapples with challenges such as increasing water demand and climate change, PUB’s operating environment is expected to become more complex. PUB and SUEZ have collaborated on several projects, which were set up to either accelerate digitalization of water infrastructure, or adopt new technologies to strengthen operational excellence.
Our solution

SUEZ’s water innovation and delivery center in Singapore to better serve PUB 

In Singapore, SUEZ has established a water innovation hub and delivery center for services to support our partnership with PUB. Collaborating closely in tandem with different user teams in PUB, SUEZ has customized its proprietary technologies for different projects and objectives, which include:

SUEZ supporting digitalization of Singapore’s CWOS to boost its operational excellence

Digital transformation of how PUB monitors its stormwater networks and water catchment areas through the Catchment and Waterways Operations System, which is based on SUEZ’s AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage. This is where we help to enhance the day-to-day drainage operations, reservoir management and water quality through monitoring and anticipation of issues in real-time.

Applying effective technologies to clean and maintain drinking water networks

Efficient cleaning of potable water supply networks through Ice PiggingTM, a non-invasive and low risk technique that minimizes disruption and downtime to customers. We provide a turnkey process of mains cleaning from planning and simulation of the interventions, to water quality testing and customer service.

Levering on SUEZ’s global network of research and innovations centers for expertise

As PUB is one of the most advanced users of water meters in the region, we recently entered into a study with PUB to assess the performance of static water meters through SUEZ’s expertise and state-of-the-art metrology lab in France.
The results
As research and development partners, PUB and SUEZ were able to co-develop innovative solutions for the upkeeping of Singapore’s potable water and drainage networks. In addition, our collaboration with PUB has helped SUEZ to improve operational procedures and digital systems along the way. Together, we create shared value that ensure a pleasant city environment and customer experience for Singaporeans.