Insuring equal opportunities and diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity lie at the heart of the company’s social goal to provide human and economic wealth, which is a source of innovation for us. We’re taking action in these arenas, in order to meet two additional goals.
Our commitment

Diversity in support of the commitment

Four key commitments were outlined in 2008, SUEZ began structuring and managing its sustainable development policy using a series of road maps. The new road map for 2017-2021 comprises a social pillar built around four key commitments: 

Our actions

A program providing structure to our approach

Created in 2010, the Diversity “Equal opportunities – social development – commitment” program provides a framework for our goals, both in France and worldwide. It focuses on several key themes whose objectives are adapted to different cultural and legal contexts. For example:

  • Young people: apprenticeships, internships, training supported by a mentoring system; tailored integration programs
  • Integrating people from deprived or underemployed communities: personalized professional preparation programs, job training and integration; start-up programs
  • Disability policy: helping to keep disabled workers in employment, customizing work stations, special partnerships; policy to purchase from ESAT and EA assisted employment centers, creating indirect jobs
  • For older employees: recruiting candidates aged over fifty, creating skill and expertise transfer programs
  • Commitment surveys for all employees: analysis of results, action plans
  • Quality of life in the workplace: health and safety at work, preventing psychosocial risks, better policies for working parents
  • All companies within our organization share a common focus on developing gender equality: gender diversity in job roles, equal pay, equal access to career management and training. This policy is supported by specific programs such as mentoring and coaching.

From 16 May to 1 June 2018, all SUEZ employees* who have been on permanent contracts for over 3 months - some 62,000 people - are invited to take part in a commitment survey called “TELL US”. The online survey takes the form of a questionnaire in 3 parts:

  • 4 commitment questions with the answer given by smiley,
  • 25 questions on specific themes: for each theme, employees express their feelings by choosing one of 9 possible emotions,
  • 2 open questions.


The results of the survey will then be analysed and passed on to managers as a PowerPoint document presenting the results and the outlines of an appropriate action plan.


*(excluding R&R UK & Scandinavia).

Our references

Diversity Label and Top Employer certification

We received certification in order to demonstrate the conformity of our diversity policy in terms of promoting equal opportunities, preventing discrimination and promoting diversity and how we're putting these policies into action.

The French Diversity Label in 2014

TOP Employer certification

(for the 6th year, in 2018)

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