Asia sustainable development report

Joey Chio

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. It is an integral part of our company’s values, principles and standard behaviours. We practise what we preach.

Joey Chio-Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer of SUEZ Asia

Sustainable environment

We deliver innovative environmental solutions to combat climate change

The effects of the current climate emergency vary greatly across Asia. Coastal countries and cities are increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather events, including typhoons and intense rainfall which increase the risk of flash floods. On the contrary, there are also periods of drought effecting the availability and reliability of water supplies across the region. It is important for us to act now to preserve our fragile environment and reduce climate impacts.

We are committed to promoting a circular and low-carbon economy. This commitment has helped mitigate the causes of climate change, increase our renewable energy production, help customers to avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and for ourselves, to reduce GHG emissions intensity of our own business. We also save water in our operations to preserve this scarce natural resource.

Creating shared value

Together with our local partners and stakeholders, we help shape a sustainable future

The community is aspiring to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, while urbanisation, increasing demand for resources and greater level of consumption are exerting pressures to our natural capital. With the growth of environmental awareness and cumulative experiences of extreme weather events and natural disasters, there is raising public expectations on the governments and businesses. We support the shift to green growth models through providing the expertise and innovative solutions needed to clean up the environment, improve access to clean water and sanitation, and enable circularity.

We help our customers in achieving environmental transitions through concrete solutions and has accelerated the digital revolution of our water and waste solutions, support local SMEs by increasing our proportion of purchases from them, and actively advocate circular and low-carbon economy as well as knowledge sharing through environmental-focused exhibitions, exchanges, chambers of commerce and alliances to contribute to the public good.

Sustainable workforce

We enable every employee to rise to the challenges of the present and the future

The world is undergoing significant shift in demographic profiles which brings along a new set of workforce challenges and opportunities. While facing a decline in population and an ageing workforce, it also opens up new opportunities to encourage female participation in non-traditional roles and industries. In light of the demographic shift, we are committed to cultivating a sustainable and resilient workforce, providing a health and safe work environment to our employees, embracing inclusion and diversity, as well as developing the capabilities of our colleagues.
Serving our community

It is our responsibility to serve the communities where we have operations

We make use of our knowledge, skills, goodwill and resources to serve our community. We actively take part in local activities that promote public awareness of environmental protection, encourage plastic recycling, support clean-ups, upcycling form waste, support local communities and promote social harmony.