Asia sustainable development report

Joey Chio

In Asia, climate mitigation and adaptation have always been the most prioritised topic in our sustainable development agenda. We continually commit ourselves to developing a climate-positive and resilient business model.

Joey Chio-Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer of SUEZ Asia

Our values in action

For decades, SUEZ has provided environmental solutions and services to government and industrial clients across Asia. Being a reliable and capable provider of environmental services, we have also extended our focus to address environmental, social and economic impact, both within and outside of our operations. By relying on our exceptional expertise and cutting-edge innovation, we protect the planet’s most valuable resources - water, soil and air.
In Asia, by aligning SUEZ’s sustainable development direction with the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), SUEZ plays a part in all 17 SDGs at different levels and has a direct impact in 14 goals related to our business.

Our sustainable development strategy reflects our belief in the potential of environmental services providers to be enablers of sustainable development. We are convinced that there is also a clear pathway to more value creation along the route, which is why this strategy has been encoded into our planning – supporting the business development and guiding our daily operations across the region. The momentum for green transition from governments, industries and customers is strong. SUEZ, as a responsible company, has been part of this evolution by taking lead in action and expertise. We are committed to bringing positive impacts to the people, the planet and the prosperity.


We are a responsible employer and caring neighbour

It is our ambition to ensure that we provide an engaging, safe and inclusive place for work. We are proactive and innovative in the actions we take to ensure that all workers have decent working conditions and that we continue to improve the work environment for all our employees. Guided by our values, international standards and the expectations of our key stakeholders, we continue to enhance the wellbeing of people we work with, as well as the communities we serve.


We are a carbon neutral transformer, ecological pioneer, and environmental expert

We are determined to protect the planet’s resources from degradation, through concrete actions of preserving eco-system, mitigating climate change and providing sustainable solutions. This is the only way Earth can support the needs of our present and future generations. Securing excellent and continuous environmental value delivery remains at the core of our daily business. It is how we believe we can have the greatest impact.


We are a quality-of-life elevator, value co-creator and leading innovator

We believe that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives, while economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. There is no dispute that better business practices feed into the greater good. For SUEZ, it means that we can benefit the many more through the development of essential services and expansion of our environmental expertise. In this process, technical innovation and shared value creation are two important enablers that further boost the shape of prosperous future.