Franki Wong

Franki Wong

CEO of Recycling & Recovery

Franki Wong has been appointed CEO of Recycling & Recovery in SUEZ Asia since September 2022.

Joining SUEZ in 2007, he began his career in SUEZ as Project Controller, responsible for overseeing financial analysis on new projects in Asia. In January 2013, he was appointed Vice President of Business Development of Water Operations, formerly known as Sino French Water, and took on the additional responsibility of Chief Financial Officer later on. In 2018, he became Senior Vice President in Asia. Since 2021, he has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of Chongqing Derun and director of Chongqing Water Group. In March 2022, he took up the role of Senior Vice President of Strategic Investments in Asia.

He has over 15 years of experience in project development, investment, corporate finance, financial management and corporate governance in Mainland China.

Franki holds a BSc degree in Business Administration from University of Southern California, an MBA from the University of London and an MSc degree in Finance from the University of Michigan.