SUEZ NWS Acquires Environmental Testing Laboratory Business of ALS in China

SUEZ NWS and ALS Limited completed a sale for the former to acquire 100% equity of ALS Analytical Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary ("ALS China") to expand its business into the third-party environmental testing sector. This move will accelerate SUEZ NWS development of new solutions for customers, particularly in air quality monitoring and remediation services, watershed quality management and river remediation projects and the soil remediation industry. More importantly, the Group will fully leverage the synergies of all its other business units in China and provide local customers with higher quality environmental services.

Upon completion of the acquisition, ALS China, which has laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in addition to commercial shop fronts in Chongqing, Wuhan and Shijiazhuang, will be fully integrated into the Advanced Solutions Asia business unit. Additionally, over 180 ALS laboratory employees across China will be directly integrated into SUEZ Group's global technology and R&D network. Interconnecting with the Group’s experts, as well as with researchers from around the world.  Resources from over 200 analytical laboratories and 17 R&D centers will be shared, to scale-up its capabilities in three core areas – air quality, upstream water quality management and soil remediation. The Environmental Quality Monitoring (EQM) digital platforms developed by SUEZ will be introduced in the Chinese market through this company, supporting by this way the smart city trend in China.


The Group will continue to provide services to ALS China’s existing business customers in China including universities and colleges, government bodies, consulting firms, site investigation, risk assessment and remediation companies. In addition, the acquisition will bring extra value to the Group's water and waste management as well as its Water Technologies and Solutions clients by offering comprehensive environmental assessment services as well as the evaluation of odors and volatile organic compounds.

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